The Saddest Taylor Swift Songs

The saddest Taylor Swift songs are among the most popular, with their lyrics filled with heartbreak. From the moment they first came out in 2005 to today, the singer has released a number of hit tracks that are sure to make you cry.

Sweet Nothing

If you’re looking for the saddest songs on Taylor Swift’s new album, you can start with track five, “Sweet Nothing”. It’s one of the softer tracks on the new LP, and it’s also one of the best.

The lyrics of “Sweet Nothing” describe a romantic relationship in a quiet, relaxed way. This song is an ode to Joe Alwyn, Swift’s longtime boyfriend. He is said to have co-written this song, and the lyrics are about the security that the two share together.

In the first verse, the protagonist describes her lover as a calming presence in a chaotic world. The lyrics are also about the pressures of adulthood.

The second verse reinforces the special relationship between the two. The song describes how Taylor and Joe feel safe with each other, despite the fact that they live apart.

“Sweet Nothing” is a good song to have in your wedding playlist. It’s a perfect ode to the love between two people.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been dating for over a year. They met in late 2016, and they’ve been going strong ever since. The two are still writing and recording songs together.

The music video for the song shows Swift in a wood paneled den. She’s singing the words, while a phone call is playing. Another version features an acoustic guitar and vocals.

Though this is one of the softer songs on the album, the lyrics are full of emotion. The lyrics describe how Taylor is concerned about a friend who is undergoing turmoil.

“The Moment I Knew”

The Moment I Knew is a song by Taylor Swift. It’s about a woman’s quest to impress a man. She tries to do so by throwing a party. But the boyfriend doesn’t show. So, she decides to drink and forget.

The song is a very sad one. In the lyrics, Swift is reminiscing about a past relationship. There are even references to her best friend Abigail, who she mentions in the song’s chorus.

Swift is an incredibly prolific artist. Her debut album sold over seven million copies worldwide. And it went straight to #1 on the Country charts. Also, her “Country Roads” tour was the most successful Country tour of all time. It netted her $150 million.

Swift was also nominated for a number of awards. One of the most notable is her Grammy for Best Album of the Year. Some of her other accolades include winning a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

“The Moment I Knew” is a simple, yet powerful song. This is probably due to the fact that the lyrics are written in Swift’s very own words. Despite the song’s simplicity, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a relationship that didn’t last.

“The Moment I Knew” was nominated for several awards, including the “Most Creative Song” award at the 2010 CMA Music Awards. The song has a simple, but sexy guitar riff at its center, but it’s the lyrics that really make the song stand out.

“Last Kiss”

Among the myriad Taylor Swift songs in her vast and varied catalog, ‘Last Kiss’ is by far her saddest song. It’s a six minute ballad that’s one of the longest on her 2010 Speak Now album. The lyrics are pure sadness, as Taylor’s former love doesn’t show up for their final goodbye.

“Last Kiss” is an emotional ballad that’s been a fan favorite since it was released in 2009. The song is about a breakup that Taylor never saw coming. She wants her ex to enjoy their last moment together. However, she doesn’t make it easy for him to do so.

“Last Kiss” is a well crafted song that includes some clever lyric lines. One of the most memorable lines is “The best way to say goodbye is to say hello.” Another line is “The only thing that matters is that you will see me again.”

There are a lot of sad songs in the Swift catalogue. Some of the more notable include “All Too Well”, “Snowfall”, and “Back to December”. While these may not be the most popular or the most popular, they are incredibly moving. And while “Last Kiss” may not be the most important song on the album, it’s certainly the most significant.

What’s great about the “Last Kiss” is that there’s a hidden message that fans will appreciate. When the song’s final refrain comes around, the rap style drums kick in. This is something that Swift has been known to do in other songs, including her hit, “Back to December.”

“White Horse”

Taylor Swift’s “White Horse” is not a new song, but it is a surprisingly good one. It was written when she was still in high school, and was one of the first songs she wrote. The song has received generally positive critical reception, and was certified double platinum.

The lyrics are a good example of the “Taylor Swift” way of writing a song. She makes use of simple pieces to help tell a story. For instance, the piano is used as an instrument, and the guitar is prominent. There is also a hint of a West Indian accent in the chorus.

There are many reasons to like the “White Horse”. First and foremost, it is a great example of the melancholy that is characteristic of Taylor Swift.

In addition, the song has an impressive production and guitar work. In fact, it was awarded the award for best female country vocal performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards. This explains the song’s high position on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Another example of the ‘White Horse’ is the video, which was directed by Trey Fanjoy. The video features Taylor ending a relationship via phone.

Among the many great things about the song is the fact that it was written when Taylor was only 16. The song also made it onto her second album, Fearless. However, it failed to match the success of its predecessor, “Love Story.”

Of course, this is not to say that the song has no flaws. Rather, it is a good example of how Swift uses her writing skills to help her deal with loss and grief.

“Sad Girl Autumn”

Taylor Swift’s “Sad Girl” is one of the saddest songs she has ever written. It is a deeply personal song about a broken heart, and it was recorded in upstate New York. She worked with producer Jonathan Low, and tagged Aaron Dessner from The National.

The new version of “Sad Girl” is a piano-driven ballad. The song is about losing someone and rediscovering yourself. In the lyrics, Swift expresses both nostalgia and heartbreak.

A piano-driven ballad, “Sad Girl” is a beautiful, slow-burning track. The 10-minute version of the song has been released, and it adds a deeper, heartbreaking story to the song. As a result, it burns faster than the compressed original from Red.

The song was produced by Jonathan Low, and Taylor Swift recorded the track at Long Pond Studios in upstate New York. The studio is owned and operated by Aaron Dessner. He contributed to the track, and is also an artist on Swift’s 2020 album Folklore.

The song was recorded in a barn-like structure in the Hudson Valley. It was engineered by Jon Low, and it was filmed at Long Pond Studios as a part of the Disney+ documentary “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions.”

On Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift performed a full 10 minutes of the “breakup song”. Her performance was full of the harrowing retelling of the relationship. This version was accompanied by a video that reenacted the breakup between Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal.


“Karma” is the title of a new track from Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights. Fans of the singer have been trying to figure out what it’s all about.

The song is an upbeat sing-along that seems to be about a relationship. It’s a wistful, nostalgic look back at an old romance. However, the song’s lyrics also touch on starting over and reinventing the midnights.

This song is not what people are expecting from Taylor Swift. Most expected a pop rock style album. Rather, it’s a synthpop track with feather light vocals.

There’s a ton of controversy about the song’s meaning. Many have assumed that it’s a diss track about Kanye West. However, despite the hype, no official announcement has been made.

The song also has a cool video that features Swift in a ’70s wood paneled den. A lot of Swifties have been playing it endlessly. In fact, a few have taken the time to make their own montages with the song.

“Karma” is one of the more interesting tracks on the album. While other tracks are about escaping small town life, this song is about finding yourself again.

Fans are also wondering what a karma is and how it can be used to good effect. They’re attempting to decipher the lyric, “You can make friendship bracelets with your fingers,” while others have honed in on the song’s cryptic “Make it out a winner”.

As for the meaning of the title, it’s actually an oddly ambiguous word. Depending on your definition, it may mean anything from god to the tiniest of things.

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