Top Songs About the Beach

When you think of the beach, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the music. Luckily, for many of us, there are a lot of songs about the beach that we love. You just have to know where to look.

Will Smith

The music of Will Smith is generally kid-friendly. Some of his songs are catchy and catchy, but others are a little questionable. However, his career has been a success. He has sold out his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air accessories and has more than 5 million YouTube subscribers.

While Will Smith hasn’t released an album in nearly fifteen years, he’s still a popular artist. His songs are still being played across a wide variety of African American culture.

“Summertime” is a fun, catchy song that is sure to get your feet tapping. This song is about the carefree feeling of summer. It was written with a humorous tone to appeal to younger audiences.

One of Will Smith’s most popular songs is his version of the Aladdin theme. The song is an urban jam with simple lyrics that set the stage for the story.

Another famous Will Smith song is his hit, “Miami”. It is a musical drama that depicts the club life in South Florida.

Another favorite of many is his song, “Bel-Air.” This song was originally recorded as a television show song. When it was re-released, it topped the charts in Australia, Canada, and Belgium.

Dierks Bentley

Whether you’re on the beach or not, Dierks Bentley’s latest single “Somewhere On A Beach” is sure to satisfy your craving for a beachy moment. Originally released in January 2016, the song has already garnered a strong following. Its release on Capitol Nashville has brought the hit single to radio.

The song is a testament to Bentley’s virtuosity, and its hefty production is underpinned by a booming drumline and a percolating banjo. Its arena rock energy is complemented by power guitar chords.

The title is a reference to a beach vacation. However, the song’s lyrics also serve as a clever homage to the midwestern rappers of the early 2000s.

“Somewhere on a Beach” is the first single from Bentley’s new album Black. While the track is one of his most popular singles of the decade, it didn’t make the top of the charts. So he was hesitant to make it the album’s lead single.

The “Somewhere on a Beach” title is an homage to the song’s inspiration, a summer trip to the Gulf Coast. Written by Alexander Palmer, Dave Kuncio, and Michael Tyler, the song made a number one debut on the Country Airplay chart.


Weezer songs about the beach are a great way to celebrate the sunny season. They can be simple and fun, or they can be deep and lyrical. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a song that fits your style. Whether you’re a musician, or a beach lover, you’ll find something to appreciate here.

“Island in the Sun” is a beachy jam that embodies the laid-back Southern California spirit. It’s one of the band’s most popular songs, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s a breezy acoustic-to-crescendo song that’s a favorite of guitarist Brian Bell. And if you’re lucky, you can catch a live performance of the track.

“California Kids” is a Weezer classic. The song is a sweet, catchy tune that combines early Weezer grit with the swagger of Brian Wilson. If you love Weezer, you’ll definitely enjoy this track.

There are plenty of other Weezer songs about the beach to enjoy. Check out their latest album, Pacific Daydream, out October 27. Also, check out their upcoming tour dates.

Jan & Dean

Jan & Dean were surf music pioneers. Their early hits were “I Found a Girl”, “Sidewalk Surfin'”, and “Popsicle”. They scored three Top 10 hits in 1963, and another two in 1965.

The duo’s career lasted from 1959 to 1966. Their success waned in the late ’60s, but they made a comeback in the late ’70s. In the 1980s, the band performed in the People’s Republic of China as part of their Friendship Tour.

One of their stops on their musical tour was Surf City. Brian Wilson was their guest on the seminal “Surf City” song, and his high falsetto provided an added dimension.

Aside from singing about surfing, Jan and Dean also sang about sandy beaches, beautiful girls, and fast cars. Throughout their heyday, they maintained a boy-next-door image, but their talent was less than strong.

The duo also experimented with cutting-edge comedy concepts. On the side, they made public appearances, recorded demos in their garage, and worked with Herb Alpert.

Jan and Dean toured the US several times, including Las Vegas, Nevada, and Three Rivers Stadium. The duo landed on the bill of the ABC Dick Clark Show. But they were still firmly locked into the surf craze of the period.


One of the most popular Beach Boys songs, “Kokomo,” was nominated for a Grammy award in the category of Best Song Written for Motion Picture or Television. It also was the name of a fictional island in the 1988 Tom Cruise film Cocktail. As of this writing, there are no Kokomo hotels or resorts in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Fortunately, there are many islands to choose from, many of which are quite literally a stone’s throw away. For example, there is Aruba, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and a host of lesser known islands. In fact, there are more than 700 islands in the Bahamas, and only a fraction of them are actually navigable. Those with boats to spare should certainly consider the Bahamas as their next destination.

It’s no surprise then, that the Kokomo is still the subject of a cottage industry in Kokomo, Florida. The city has a nice sized sand dunes and is a short drive from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Although, the city may be a bit on the crowded side for an urban setting, it’s a worthwhile jaunt for the beach-aficionados and the likes. During the peak of the tourist season, the city is abuzz with people, sand, and sun, making it a perfect backdrop for a vacation to remember.

Eugene Pitt

It’s no secret that Eugene Pitt is a master of beach music. The Jive Five, his band, has been performing and recording doo wop hits for more than five decades. They’re still making music today. Their first hit was “My True Story” in 1961.

This song was a lament of a lost love. It became a number one hit on the R&B chart and reached #3 on the pop chart.

This is a great example of a doo-wop song with modern soul stylings. The group had a large brass section, giving their dated doo wop sound a more contemporary soul sound.

It’s no surprise that the Jive Five’s biggest hit was a lament of a lost lover. Their first album included an original ballad written by Pitt and Oscar Waltzer.

The Jive Five made many appearances on TV shows. They were also known for their jingles for children. Some of their jingles were actually animated bumper videos. These made their way onto the popular Nickelodeon channel.

While The Jive Five were never a household name, they were a major influence on rock ‘n’ roll. They had a number of hit singles, and their influence was noted by such heavyweights as Elvis Presley, Keith Richards, and Jimmy Page.

Katrina and the Waves

The band Katrina and the Waves have been around for several decades. They were formed in Cambridge, England, in 1975. It was composed of Kimberley Rew, Alex Cooper, and Vince de la Cruz. These three musicians became a successful rock act during the 1980s.

After releasing their first album, they signed with the Canadian label Attic Records. This resulted in the band being able to tour throughout Canada. However, the majority of their releases were not sold outside of the US and Canada.

“Walking on Sunshine” was one of their biggest hits. The song reached number nine on the United States and UK charts. Originally, the song was a ballad, but it soon became a smash hit.

By the time the band broke up in 1999, the group had been recording for a decade. Their final release, Love Shine A Light, won the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. That was the biggest margin the band has ever seen.

Katrina and the Waves also covered several classics. Some of their songs include Foreigner’s Heart, Linda Ronstadt’s You Don’t Own Me, and Heart’s “The Power”. During the mid-1980s, they became a chart-dominating band.

Surf City

Whether you’re at the beach or simply want a nice song to listen to, there are many songs about the beach that can help you get the most out of your time at the seaside. These songs can be fun to listen to and make you feel good.

One of the most iconic songs about the beach is the Beach Boys’ “Beach Song” that was a hit in the 60s. The lyrics mention the sun and the ocean, and they’re a lot of fun to sing along with.

Another song about the beach is the Avett Brothers’ “Surf City” that tells a story about two surfers who love island living. It’s also about a beautiful sky and picturesque shoreline.

Another beach song with a catchy name is “Toes” by the Zac Brown Band. This song is easy to hear and has a catchy chorus.

The song about the beach also has a video. The ad for the song shows a man standing on a beach, looking out over the water. He notices a high tide and a beautiful sunrise.

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