Songs About the Future

Songs about the future, whether it is a person’s imagination or something real, are some of the most intriguing songs on the planet. They are not only entertaining, but they also provide a glimpse of the way we could live in the future. In fact, songs about the future can be so influential that it would be a shame to miss them.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is an artist who writes songs that describe a future. His lyrics are often laced with religious imagery. He is also known for his exquisitely written poems.

The lyrical content of Leonard Cohen’s “The Future” album is based on a prophetic vision of the future. The singer cites both Judeo-Christian and Buddhist traditions, and warns that the world is falling apart.

He suggests that we could either be happy in the present or suffer in the dark. He asks whether we can return to a time before we had such terrible things.

Leonard Cohen was born in Canada and has become known for his poetic and soulful songs. He won the Juno Award for Best Male Vocalist in 1992.

The song was originally called If You Could See What’s Coming Next. Leonard Cohen wrote it in the last few years of his life. It was later released on his self-titled album.

“The Future” is one of the best-known songs of the Canadian artist. However, it is not as popular as his other work.

John Lennon

John Lennon’s songs about the future are often regarded as a call to action. His lyrics depict a world that is free of greed, hatred, and religion. They also suggest that sharing is possible despite the fear of separation.

John Lennon’s ‘Mother’ song was a crystallisation of his Primal Therapy, a series of screaming sessions designed to uncover childhood trauma. He recorded several demo versions of the song during the treatment. It was then taken to Abbey Road for recording.

The song is a call to action, although it isn’t necessarily a “call to arms.” It’s a call to imagine a better world. And it’s one that might not be possible for everyone. Despite its appeal, it’s important to remember that the lyrics were sugar-coated to make them acceptable to the listener.

In a time when the Vietnam War was raging, John Lennon was calling for peace. While he believed that peace could be achieved, he was also concerned about the injustice in the world.

“Imagine” is the most famous of all of John Lennon’s songs about a more peaceful future. Although it’s not as direct a call to action as some of his other songs, the song nonetheless asks listeners to imagine a world free of countries and religion.

Katy Perry

If you’ve ever been to a Katy Perry concert, you’ll know how unique and intimate they are. That’s thanks to Perry’s commitment to getting into every aspect of the show. This shows in her set lists, as she often incorporates songs about the future.

“Teenage Dream” is a song that has stayed with Perry for her entire career. The song is about the thrill of young love, and the rush that goes along with it. It’s one of the most popular songs of the decade, and it was nominated for the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance.

The lyrics describe a girl’s love story. Her boyfriend’s hints that they should try to make it work. After he finds a veil from her younger wedding dress, he distracts her and swerves to avoid a boulder on the rock slide.

The music video for the song features an anthology of iconic wigs. There are even angry gummy bears, and a giant floating butterfly.

Another song about the future is “I’m Not Like the Others.” It’s a hip-hop song that talks about having a vision for the future, and breaking out of the crowd. Anyone who has had a child can relate to the message.


The future can be an uncertain and often dreary time. Some people are optimistic about the future, while others are dreading it. Fortunately, there are plenty of songs about the future that are both uplifting and menacing.

MGMT’s songs about the future are no exception. They spawned other retro wave-riders like Foxygen and Foster the People. Despite their early success, MGMT never seemed to be satisfied with their sound. Rather, they kept digging for their true identity.

While the band has reclaimed their reputation and released some fantastic new material, the past still looms large. In fact, a lot of MGMT’s fan base was accidentally courted by old favorites. However, their early hits led them to a rock star lifestyle. After success on their third album, MGMT decided to stay in the game and avoid selling out.

Despite this, the band continued to write songs about the future. One example is “Futures”, which was featured on the album of the same name.

Another example is the song “The Future,” which is about the loss of morality in society. It also mentions the need for things to return to normal.

Zager & Evans

One of the strangest songs to come out of the ’60s is a song written by Zager and Evans. The song is a futuristic tale about how things will change in the near future.

This particular song was not released until 1969. “In The Year 2525” was released on a small regional record label called Truth Records. It was one of the most notable hit singles of the year and topped the charts in several countries.

The song has a unique structure, with an interesting melody and lyrics. Despite its lack of a chorus, it has been referred to as a cult favorite. However, the song isn’t as memorable as you’d expect, and the lyrics are clunky.

While this song is a little different than others, it is a great example of what a science fiction piece of music can do. The lyrics speak about future scenarios, and they are a tad gloomy.

The song is an example of how technology can shape our lives. In the lyrics, you’ll find mention of pills that control our thoughts, and how technology will replace human limbs, teeth, and eyes.

Jimmy Eat World

During the last quarter century, Jimmy Eat World have released over 100 songs. While many of these are catchy, three-minute crowdpleasers, there are also many great deeper cuts. Here are some of the best.

The first Jimmy Eat World album to come out on a major label was Static Prevails. It’s not hard to see why fans of this band would be enthralled by “Pictures Of You,” the track that got them signed to Capitol Records. As a result, this album was the first major-label emo album.

After two years of touring in support of Bleed American, the band returned to the studio. This time, they were working with a new producer. They opted to record a more ambitious and darker album.

Although Futures was a step forward in songwriting, it wasn’t without its faults. In particular, the band lost some good songs. Some of them were re-recorded on the Stay On My Side Tonight EP. There’s one song, “Night Drive,” that sounded like a great rewrite.

A few of the songs on the record have the feel of a meditative, post-rocky emo song. But they also deliver an emotional punch.

Diana Ross & the Supremes

In their time, the Supremes were a very popular group. Their repertoire consisted of old American standards and songs from Broadway shows. They also appeared on television with the best names in show business.

While there were many other successful black music groups in the 1950s, the Supremes were the first to achieve crossover success. They became known to white audiences as well, and many of their hits were covered by other white musicians. The impact of the Supremes is still felt today.

The Supremes began as a quartet called The Primettes. The group included Mary Wilson, Betty McGlown, and Florence Ballard. Berry Gordy signed them to Motown in 1961. He wanted them to have a name that would attract more white listeners.

After Ross left the Supremes in 1970, she continued on as a solo artist. She released six singles to hit the top of the charts. However, her hits began to wane in the mid 1980s.

By the end of the 1970s, The Supremes had become one of the most popular groups in the Motown archives. The group had achieved back-to-back successes, and they reached the Billboard Hot 100 five times.

Meghan Trainor

If you’re into pop culture, you’re probably already familiar with the name. The singer whose music has appeared on television in the form of music videos and commercials isn’t exactly new to the scene. After all, she started out as an actress. She became a pop star in the summer of 2014. In the past couple of years, she’s had a plethora of hit singles, including “Sparkle,” “Case in point,” and “Girlfriend.” One of her more notable musical endeavors was the Jingle Ball Tour. This was the first time she performed in the UK.

When she made her UK stage debut, the singer rubbed elbows with pop and rock royalty. She is also known for her retro-style, which is on full display in her new music video. Earlier this year, she signed a new deal with Epic Records. She also released a few tracks off of her new LP, including the top-selling single, “Sparkle.” It’s no surprise that she topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time ever, and is poised to go from strength to strength.

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