The Best Denzel Curry Songs of All Time

Denzel Curry is a Florida rapper renowned for creating some of the finest hip-hop around. His sound incorporates headbanging middlebrow rap with elements of jazz, rock, R&B and beyond to create something truly unique.

His latest album, TA13OO, is an impressive 13-track journey that showcases his vast musical range. Here are five of its standout songs.

1. Melt My Eyez

Melt My Eyez, Denzel Curry’s fifth album and most mature work to date, is his most mature and reflective work yet. After exploring trap-infused hybrid sounds on Imperial and TA13OO, Curry takes on a more personal, existential path that’s been all too rare in hip hop.

Melt My Eyez offers an eclectic mix of producers to explore Curry’s many sides in a way that feels both new and familiar. It is testament to the Florida rapper’s capacity for innovation, showing off each project as it develops.

On this record, Curry switches up his signature hard-hitting trap 808s for a jazzier brand of nostalgia hip hop. The result is an energetic collection of tracks that take you on an inspiring journey through his mind.

The first half of the record opens with a somber and soulful tune entitled “Mental.” This track explores Curry’s past, lack of self-worth, and ability to rhyme. Not only does it showcase Curry’s ability to write lyrics, but also his versatility as a vocalist.

Following that, we have “X-Wing,” a more upbeat song that showcases his mix of melodic and aggressive elements. This track serves as a great example of his ability to blend genres and styles while still maintaining his trademark raspy flow.

On his album, Curry tackles some difficult subjects head-on, yet never feels too heavy or burdened by sentimentality. Instead, these songs remain authentic and relatable, allowing him to convey his message with power and authenticity.

If you haven’t yet explored Melt My Eyez, I urge you to do so immediately. You won’t regret it.

2. Walkin

Denzel Curry has been an established force in the hip hop world since he was in sixth grade. He’s part of C9 collective with rappers XXXTentacion and Ronny J, plus has collaborated with producer Mark Maturah through Loma Vista Recordings. Additionally, Denzel released several mixtapes and EPs such as 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms and Melt My Eyez See Your Future In 2022 along with several singles.

One song that stands out amongst the rest is Walkin, from Curry’s latest album featuring Cold Blooded Soul on vocals. With an infectious groove and impressive beat switch, this track has everything a rapper could wish for in a track. It’s one of Curry’s finest works and an example of his skill at writing and crafting a tune.

His production quality and ability to keep an audience engaged with his words is truly impressive. The song is an exquisite feat of lyric crafting, making it no surprise why it’s been labeled the best track on Melt My Eyez.

The song has an interesting origin story; it is believed to have been composed in the late 90s and inspired by a YouTube video. The clever title also illustrates how Curry used technology at that time to convey his message effectively. This serves as proof that modern music technologies can be utilized to enhance existing great work, something which should not be underestimated.

3. John Wayne

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4. X-Wing

Denzel Curry is currently touring the country to perform songs from his newest album, Melt My Eyez. A veteran musician and award-winning producer, Denzel has collaborated with artists like Kid Cudi and performed at some of America’s biggest music festivals such as Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo.

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5. Let It All Hang Out

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Written by Bonnie Wilks

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