The Most Popular Aaron Carter Songs

The most popular Aaron Carter songs are: “Fool’s Gold,” “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” “Crush On You,” and “Sooner or Later.” There are so many great songs to choose from, you will have no trouble finding the perfect song for you.

“Sooner or Later”

Sooner or Later is the first new music released by Aaron Carter in almost 15 years. After a grueling hiatus, the singer has returned with a catchy track that’s sure to be a hit with fans of pop, R&B, and dance music. It also demonstrates a maturing sound from the former boy-band member.

“Sooner or Later” features a modern, electro-urban production style. It’s been a big hit in many countries, including the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands. As well as being a great track, it also shows that Carter has grown as an artist.

It’s also a song that was inspired by the singer’s brother Nick. He played the lead role in a promotional music video.

The song was originally written by Gray Carolla, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. It’s a catchy anthem, with a groovy rhythm and a slick, electronic-urban production.

The song’s lyrics are about redemption. When Aaron Carter’s parents divorced, he battled depression. Eventually, he came out as bisexual. However, his career took a turn for the worse. His descent into depravity slashed his reach, and he had to re-focus his attention.

After coming out, Aaron Carter began making appearances on Nickelodeon. He also joined the Backstreet Boys as part of their touring schedule. In 2006, he appeared on House of Carters, a reality television show.

Another one of Aaron Carter’s most notable hits is the song “Crush On You.” This is a cover of the original by The Jets, a Tonga-American family band. The song was a huge hit in the United States, and it also reached the top ten in several other countries.

The song was also included on his self-titled debut album. It sold more than a million copies worldwide. That’s a lot of money for an album that was only seven years old.

In 2002, the singer released another Earthquake album. The album featured some of his best songs. And, it also marked the start of a collaboration with 3D Friends. Now, the two are working on a number of collaborative songs, which will appear on his next album.

“Fool’s Gold”

If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia in the form of a catchy pop song, then Aaron Carter may be your man. While he’s no longer with us, he left his mark on the music industry, not to mention his fans. He’s toured with the Backstreet Boys and O-Town, but his most notable gig was as a songwriter. For a brief stint in the spotlight, he even played a minor role in an off-Broadway musical, “The Fantasticks”. After that he launched a flurry of singles, albums and EPs, including the aptly titled “Fool’s Gold”, which was the first of several songs featuring his brother Nick Carter.

It was a fun time. Carter toured the East Coast and took the LoVe tour to the Philippines in the fall. On the road, he’s taken a few risks. But he’s also had some hiccups. From a legal perspective, the most unfortunate was a failed marriage. And that’s not to mention the aforementioned bankruptcy filing. Fortunately for Carter, he was able to stay true to his musical vocation while the rest of the hordes skulked off to the ether. In addition to his music, he also penned two novels. Those are probably the ones that got him the dreaded n-number-one nickname.

As for his departed mate, it’s unclear what he’s got planned next. The most likely scenario is that his career will be cut short by personal calamities. Hopefully, his last hurrah will be a rousing show for his fans. Having a few new tunes on the way won’t hurt. One of his best tracks is on display at Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. Some of his other more noteworthy tracks include the pop single “Bad 2 Good” and “Fool’s Gold”. Hopefully, the music industry will take their cue.

“Crush On You”

“Crush On You” is one of the songs that helped pop star Aaron Carter make his mark on the music scene. Though his career ended on a rocky note, he was able to leave a lasting impression on the world of music.

After starting his musical career at the young age of seven, Aaron soon became a teen pop sensation. He released four albums within five years. His debut album sold 100,000 copies in the United States.

However, Aaron Carter’s career was hampered by personal issues. He was accused of cheating on his girlfriend, suffering from a variety of addictions, and going through spiritual and emotional turmoil. He was also sued for allegedly reneging on his record deal.

In addition, he faced legal trouble with his label, Trans Continental. The company claimed that Aaron Carter reneged on his contract when he was just 17.

Despite his troubles, he had a promising start. He toured with Backstreet Boys, he was a Dancing With the Stars contestant, and he had guest appearances on TV shows like 7th Heaven.

In 2005, his single, “Saturday Night”, was released on the Trans Continental label. It was also featured in the straight-to-video film Popstar. But it was his third extended play LoVe that marked his return to the recording studio.

It was this album that broke records and became the best-selling by a pop singer. It also peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 chart.

Carter also released the song “I Want Candy” from his debut album. It reached the top 10 in Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK.

“Crush on You” was a cover of the original version by The Jets. Though it was not certified gold in the United States, it was a massive hit for Carter.

The song was written by Jerry Knight and Aaron Zigman. It was also included on his second studio album.

During the early 2000s, he released four albums in just five years. Although his music suffered due to his personal problems and vices, he left a lasting impression on the music world. He even contributed songs to movie soundtracks.

“That’s How I Beat Shaq”

Shaquille O’Neal met Aaron Carter when he was recording with the Backstreet Boys. As a result, the former NBA star starred in a song on Carter’s 2001 album, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). The video is a short film about a basketball game between the two players. Although Shaq beats Carter, he is not able to score any points, and the video ends with Aaron winning the game. A few years later, the two met again, this time at Scott Tweedie’s Instagram series. After chatting with Tweedie, the two decided to record the song “That’s How I Beat Shaq.”

In the video, the pair participates in several basketball scenes, including a one-on-one game where the two players compete for a basket. Shaquille tries to distract Aaron with his basketball jersey, and he is eventually able to score points himself.

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